Tooth Fairy Tell-All

The Next Morning

I was awakened by a loud cry from Gabriel's bedroom. My eyes were barely open when he shuffled in to my room sobbing, holding his baggie with the tiny tooth.

"Mom... Mom... the Tooth Fairy forgot, Mom! There is no Tooth Fairy... Mom... waaah waaah..."

I pushed past the headache that I'd gotten from my chocolate binge and started thinking hard and fast. "Don't you have to pee?" I asked matter-of-factly.


"Okay then, you'd better go!"

Gabriel left. I leapt out of bed, raced to my purse, grabbed two singles, ran back, and shoved them under the pillow where Gideon's head was resting in my bed.

"Okay, Mom," Gabriel said, walking back to the room, sadly staring at the floor.

"Come here, honey," I said, hoisting him next to me. "Why don't you check in here? Maybe the poor Tooth Fairy got lost or confused."


He stuck his hand under all the pillows. Nothing. Then Gideon sat up abruptly. "Hi, Momma!"

"Hi, Bubby!" I said and stage-whispered: "Gabriel, quick! Now check under that pillow!"

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