Quick-Click Fixes: High-Tech Mom Helpers

The right digital tools can save you time and energy on family tasks.

Manage Your Household

mother and baby with ipad

Lucy Schaeffer

Delegate jobs, organize health and safety info, and check to-dos--all on the go.

Chore Hero: Keep track of what needs to be done around the house and get the kids to happily help out with this management app disguised as a game. Family members can earn points for completing chores and watch their scores add up over time on your iPhone. ($3; rawapps.com)

Baby ESP: Keeping a baby log just got easier. The "ESP" in this Android app's name stands for eat, sleep, and poop; every time your little one does one of 'em, press an icon to enter it. You can track multiple babies, diaper usage and cost, and sync info with other phones, so all your cutie's caregivers know exactly what he needs. ($5; babyesp.com)

Life360: Keep tabs on your kid's location. This app tracks mobile numbers of anyone in your private safety network so you can view them on a GPS via your Android or iPhone. If your child doesn't have a cell, clip a GPS device, $99, onto her backpack. (Free for locating iPhone and Android users; from $5 monthly otherwise; life360.com)

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