Project Clean House

One mom, four kids, four experts, four weeks. Which system would help this untidy mother get the most spic and span with the least amount of effort?

I've developed a strange fascination with the way other people keep house because I'm nosy and, to be honest, my house is always messy. Nobody really dusts, right? Is it okay that I take a nap almost every day when the baby sleeps instead of using that time to clean the bathroom? As my kids got older, they got more and more stuff, which they don't put away. So recently housekeeping has become a matter of survival. If you think I'm exaggerating you have never stepped on a Lego with a bare foot. Or almost passed out from discovering a sour sippy cup. Or exacerbated your sciatica by bending over for a balled-up sock. Perhaps I've said too much.

Luckily, there are experts who give advice and specific details about all of this stuff. I've read tons of books, but I've never fully embraced the lifestyles of these homemaking gurus. I finally decided it was time to get serious. So over the next three weeks I tried out three clean-house advice books. My inner domestic goddess was begging me to make her proud.

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