Pediatricians Confess Their Worst Parenting Mistakes

I Whined Back at My Son!

When a 3-year-old like Dr. Brown's son, Andy, is faced with a big change at home, such as the arrival of baby sister Julia, it's natural to express frustration through whining. But his constant mewl so frustrated Dr. Brown that she found herself whining right back at her toddler -- the antithesis of her advice to parents. "I tell parents that whining is not a form of communication, so if you stop responding to it, kids will stop doing it."

Personal Rx

Dr. Brown finally put a sign on Andy's bedroom door with a big red circle and a slash through the word "whining," which she would point to whenever he started. "It served as a reminder to him that his behavior was unacceptable, and it kept my own blood pressure under control," she says. "He moved on."

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