Mothers' Best Parenting Advice

Readers share the most valuable parenting advice their moms ever gave them.

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Courtesy of Amanda Tygret

Time Out!

"Slow down and embrace it all. Take it all in, every moment. It goes by too quickly!" Best advice my mother ever gave me.
-- Amanda Lazaros Tygret

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Courtesy of Cathi Woods

Babysitters' Club

"On the rough days, pretend you're the babysitter. Babysitters don't feel guilty for feeding the kids pizza and ice cream or letting them watch TV. And babysitters just have fun-- no dishes or laundry!"
-- Cathi Johnson Woods

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Mom Confessions: Parenting Rules I Thought I'd Keep

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Courtesy of Sirena Pettersen

Savor the Moment

She always told me to play more than you clean the house. Dirty your clothes with your kiddos more than you do laundry. Because the house and chores will always remain, but your kids won't and time flies by too fast.
-- Sirena Pettersen

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Courtesy of Alice Aga

Not Always a Walk in the Park

"You can't expect parenting to be easy, Alice. You need to really work at your children. They learn first from you and Chad, so what you teach them from the beginning is what they will always remember."
-- Alice Aga

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Courtesy of Kim Russo

Let Imagination Lead

Mom said, "Get down to their level and think like them while playing with them; it's the best feeling and so much for fun for all of you that way!" That's now the only way I play with my four boys. Watching their faces and the way they think while they're playing is the most amazing thing ever!
-- Kim Rumohr Russo

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Courtesy of Amy Dunham

Power of Now

I was feeling overwhelmed being a first-time mother and my mom asked, "Amy, what do you need to do right this second that is vital?" And I said, "Nothing, just hold and rock my baby." She replied, "Just do that until you're done, and then do the next thing." In other words, stop worrying in advance. Just be in the moment. The exact moment.
-- Amy Lee Walters Dunham

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Courtesy of Katelyn Johnson

Moms Know Best

"Follow your gut instinct--no matter what."
-- Katelyn E. Johnson

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Courtesy of Felicia Masas

A Mother's Instinct

"Only you know when something's wrong with your kid. Listen to your gut, no matter how many times the doctor turns you down. You know you child better than anybody in this world does."
-- Felicia Masas

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Courtesy of Christina Wagner

Freak-Out-Free Zone

My mom told me, "Don't freak out when they get hurt. If you're calm, you can calm them down faster."
-- Christina Wagner

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Courtesy of Susan Massengill

Real-World Ready

That your child "will be potty trained, eat with a fork, drink from a cup, be done with pacifier, and sleep in his own bed by his wedding day!"
-- Susan James Massengill

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Courtesy of Hollie Marble

Know What's Important

That it's better to have a happy, well-cared-for child than to have a spotless house.
-- Hollie M. Marble

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Courtesy of Brenda Walker

Where's the Instruction Manual?

My mom always taught me that children do not come with instructions. But to always remember that love comes with discipline and discipline comes with love!
-- Brenda Walker

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Courtesy of Melissa Steele


My mother said, "Kiss and hug your kids every day and tell them how much you love them." And every morning and at bedtime I do.
-- Melissa Steele

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Courtesy of Mary Mae Shepard

Spoiled Happy!

"It's okay to spoil your kids as long as you spoil them with love and attention and not with possessions and material things."
-- Mary Mae Shepard

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Courtesy of Marissa Sikder

Always Learning

My mom told me, "Being a mom doesn't mean you automatically know everything; it means you're willing to be a student and a teacher at the same time, because every day challenges you with something new." I live by this with my son.
-- Marissa Cabani Sikder

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Courtesy of Kyndal Costello

Crazy in Love

"Remember to not put your kids ahead of your husband; it will destroy your marriage and ultimately hurt your kids. That being said love them like crazy."
-- Kyndal Costello

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