Get Out of the House!

News flash: Babies are very portable. Take advantage, and give yourself a welcome change of scenery too. Check out our list of reality-tested places to hang with an infant (and spots to avoid), tips on handling family visits and nursing in public, plus car-seat pointers. Soon you'll be saying, "We're outta here!"


Moby wrap baby carrier

In a perfect world... You're finally ready for that new pair of non-maternity jeans—oh, happy day!—so you'll simply visit the dressing room while the baby sleeps peacefully in his stroller.

The reality Bargain-hunting with an infant is totally doable, as long as you choose stores that feature a wide-open layout; with wide aisles, you won't get tangled in a rack of sweaters as you maneuver the stroller's wheels. And it's all the better if there are extra-spacious dressing rooms, where you can squeeze in a private nursing session or diaper change.

Our advice There's no need to be discouraged if your first attempts are less than fruitful (or even awful). Laura Jana, M.D., coauthor of Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality, says, "As you get to know your little one better, your shopping trips will go more smoothly." A tip for grocery stores: If a meltdown strikes before you've made it to the checkout aisle, ask a manager if he can refrigerate perishables and set your cart aside until you (or your partner) return later.

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