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Here's what moms have to say about how their big plans, prebaby, panned out in real life.

"I remember hearing children screaming in Wal-Mart and swearing I would never let my daughter get away with that type of behavior! I never realized just how hard it was to keep kids in line!"
-- Kristi Toms, of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, mom to Marissa, 2

"I swore that my daughter would never taste sweets until she was old enough to get them herself. Wrong!"
-- April Vannoy, of St. Petersburg, Florida, mom to Celeste, 21 months

"I thought I would sit my child on the potty and we'd stay there until he went. Then he'd be trained. Boy, was I ever wrong!"
-- Christy Drymalski, of Crystal Lake, Illinois, mom to Brian, 5, and Alex, 2

"I allow more TV time than I ever thought I would. I use it to help entertain the kids while I'm doing dishes, as a transition to bathtime, and when I'm trying to get some work done."
-- Jenifer Michaels, of Republic, Ohio, mom to Shelby, 2, and Sydney, 3 weeks

"I never thought I'd co-sleep, but I found it made us a much more well-rested family until our daughter was sleeping through the night."
-- Bekah Jorgensen, of St. Paul, Minnesota, mom to Natali, 1

Originally published in the January 2009 issue of American Baby magazine.

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