The 7 Parenting Controversies that Changed the Way We Raised Our Kids in 2011

Rear-Facing Car Seats Recommended Until Age 2

toddler in car seat

Shannon Greer

What happened: In March, the American Academy of Pediatrics, together with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, came out with new guidelines on car seat safety, recommending that children remain in rear-facing car seats until age 2, a change from the previous recommendation of 1 year. This was based on crash test data that showed young kids -- who have relatively large heads and small necks -- are less likely to get hurt in an accident if they are rear-facing.

Why it's controversial: Parents expressed immediate frustration at the difficulty they foresaw in adhering to the new standards. Tall kids in rear-facing seats would be uncomfortable, many feared, and as every parent knows, an uncomfortable toddler is an unhappy toddler. Every parent wants his or her child to be as safe as possible, and this recommendation left many feeling unable to do just that.

How it impacted your life: This recommendation sparked earnest discussions between many of you and your pediatricians -- and delayed the big car seat turnaround for some.

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