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Welcome to's Community! We want you to feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, feelings, frustrations and fears -- most likely there's another member who's going through the same thing or has been there before. To encourage a supportive community environment, we ask that you observe our community guidelines:

1. Do not post obscene content or links to a Web site that would be considered objectionable by a majority of our users.

2. Do not reply by starting a new discussion. If you are unable to reply, message one of our moderators.

3. Do not use the community message boards for advertising or soliciting. If you'd like to advertise on, click the link below.

4. Do not post any copyrighted content without permission from the original source and

5. Do not post any private message you have received without permission from the original sender.

6. We reserve the right to delete any discussion, reply, or content which contains:

  • obscene language
  • link(s) to an objectionable site
  • advertisements and/or solicits
  • duplicate discussions and/or replies
  • personal information (e.g. phone number, home address, etc.)
  • a Web URL address that is not subject related

7. We reserve the right to ban any member who:

  • attempts to pose as or impersonate any Parents magazine or staff, advisor, contributing editor, or expert
  • degrades, harasses or threatens the community and/or its users

8. We reserve the right to reject any member name that is:

  • deemed likely to be distasteful or offensive to our users
  • a Web URL address

9.'s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy also apply to the Community.

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