American Baby's 75 Best Tips Ever

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Travel together

62. The best time to take the baby out with you socially is during his first six months. It will not be this easy again for a long time. OCTOBER 1977

63. Spend the money to buy the extra seat in an airplane so you can use your car seat. Traveling by plane with a baby in your lap for any length of time is uncomfortable. APRIL 2003

64. Some babies may experience pain on takeoff and landing because they are unable to clear their ears by swallowing. To help his ears "pop," feed him at that time, or give him a pacifier to suck. JULY 1984

65. Never leave your baby alone in the car. To avoid a calamity, put something on the backseat, like your cellphone, that you'll need when you arrive. JANUARY 2013

66. Vacationing at a resort? Call ahead to see if strollers, cribs, and monitors are provided. MAY 2010

Enjoy being Mom

67. Take a smartphone time-out. If you pause in the doc's waiting room long enough, you might meet another mom who would love some adult conversation. Get her digits! NOVEMBER 2011

68. Set a good example. A physically fit mother who enjoys being active will communicate her enthusiasm and zest for life to her children. MAY 1977

69. Make plans to go out two weeks after you deliver. That's when the initial high can disappear, and you'll want to see friends. JULY 2012

70. Forget about being a "perfect parent," as that term is defined by the culture and other people. There is no such thing, and working to appear as one requires so much effort that there's not much energy left for you to spend being a loving parent, which has to be the top priority. APRIL 1981

Find your home groove

71. Launder your baby's tiny socks all together in a mesh bag or pillowcase to say good-bye to missing mates. SEPTEMBER 1984

72. Don't try to straighten up each mess right after it's made. Instead, tidy up toys and books once a day, or even just every other day. JULY 2000

73. Remember, the baby is moving in with you. Let your little one adapt to your household rather than turning your own life upside down. DECEMBER 2012

74. The No. 1 way to keep your mornings sane: Prepare the night before. Choose an outfit for you and every child. Pack lunches. Stock the diaper bag and your work bag so you can just grab and go in the morning. JANUARY 2008

75. Transforming your home into a baby-safe zone all at once is more work than any new parent needs. Instead, do it gradually as your munchkin grows and you'll be ready when she's breaking loose. SEPTEMBER 2012

Originally published in the July 2013 issue of American Baby magazine.

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