14 Surprising Myths About Parenthood

Myth: Parents shouldn't fight in front of their children.

Truth: This is one myth that's conditionally true: If you can fight in front of your child maturely, hashing out differences through calm, low-volume, blame-free discussion, then go for it. Your child will learn valuable lessons about conflict resolution within a healthy adult relationship. But if you have a feeling this one's going to be a little more heated -- and let's face it, it's hard to keep your voice down when you've spent the past hour tangling with rush-hour traffic -- be aware that grown-up fights can be frightening to children, Dr. Elias says. Young ones in particular tend to blame themselves for their parents' tiffs, he says: Because they so desperately need to believe in your perfection, they think any chinks in the armor must be their fault. So -- Mom, Dad -- know when to take it outside.

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