14 Surprising Myths About Parenthood

Myth: Women look beautiful when they're pregnant.

Truth: Supermodels look beautiful when they're pregnant, and that's if they're lucky. Take this from a mother who's seen a lot of pregnant women, obstetrician Michele Gliksman: "Some women get a pinkish glow that looks healthy, plus they're happy, so they have an aura that comes through in their face. But a lot of women find their lips swell, their gums bleed, they get acne, spider veins, they waddle -- what's beautiful about that?" Okay, so to the objective eye, you don't look gorgeous. But who cares? Your husband, awestruck by the idea that you're helping him perpetuate the family line, truly believes you outshine Cameron Diaz. And when it's all over, you'll have a squirmy little thing who in just a few years will tell you that you're the most beautiful lady in the world, and mean it.

Originally published in the March 2002 issue of Parents magazine.

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