14 Surprising Myths About Parenthood

Myth: Having a baby wrecks your sex life.

Truth: Having a baby changes your sex life -- and probably for many, many years -- but only wrecks it completely for those first few months, when you're both bone-tired and in a state of complete shock. So don't give up on each other. Sex can return to its pre-baby norm, reassures Dr. Jennifer Knopf, a Chicago sex and marital therapist. "The trick is for couples not to put too much pressure on themselves and let the physical intimacy return slowly," she prescribes. It can help to know that your sexual triggers -- the sights and sounds and situations that get you humming -- have likely changed significantly as well. Now, such prosaic prerequisites such as plenty of sleep and a trusted babysitter can do more towards getting you turned on than your red satin thong or his fireman hat.

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