Better Parenting

Want to become a better parent? Learn what you can do to help your child have better manners, habits, and behaviors with these parenting secrets.

How to Leave a Store Without Buying a Toy

Are you worried about a potential meltdown every time you go to the store and don't buy your son a toy? Here are some tips to handle the situation before, during and after!

30 Little Things That Mean a Lot to Kids

While these gestures may seem trivial to adults, they go a long way with your little ones. Here are a few easy tricks to make your child smile.

10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids

These everyday phrases may actually do more harm than good.

5 Empowering Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen

Having a hard time getting your children to follow directions? Me too. So my friends and I decided to try our own group therapy. Don't laugh -- it works!

Un-spoil Your Kid

Of course you want to make your children happy. But you also want to raise future adults who are appreciative and grateful. Find the perfect balance with our expert tips.

Is Your Child in the Obesity Danger Zone?

Roughly 1 in 3 kids in America is overweight or obese, but millions more "borderline" kids are on the cusp of a weight problem and need our help just as much. Doctors and proactive parents share their advice about how to fight fat without shaking a child's self-confidence.

Funniest Quotes About Parents: Pin These for a Laugh

Thanks for all of the LOLs and Likes! We are still cracking up over your comments on these images. Here are the most popular humorous images we posted on Facebook -- and your favorite comments about them!

Why You Should Resolve to Be a Little Less Efficient This Year

By slowing down and avoiding multitasking, you won't get as much done--but you will feel more fulfilled.

The Real Joys of Being a Mom

OK, there is the lack of sleep, vacation, and official sick days. But Motherboard Moms agree that this "job" comes with fantastic benefits. Here are some of them.

What's Your Parenting Style?

Learn about four different parenting styles to see which one fits with your philosophy.

What to Do With Kids' Artwork

Our readers share how they manage their kids' artwork.

5 Ways to Be a Better Role Model: Doing the Right Thing

If you want your child to tell the truth, follow all the rules, and be kind to others, you've got to be a super role model.

The Changing American Family

Fewer than 25 percent of American households are made up of a married man and woman with their children. So what do families look like now?

No More Sibling Fights!

A sweet love-note system helps a houseful of squabbling siblings stop bickering and see the best in each other

Say the Right Thing: 8 Go-To Phrases to Raise Happy Kids

These go-to phrases are pretty much all you need to keep in your pocket to have a happy, independent kid.

So Sweet! Watch These Kids Choose Gifts for Their Parents Over Themselves

This video is a heartwarming reminder of what's really important this holiday season. Get the tissues ready!

Secrets to Cleaning with Kids

15 ways to make helping out fun and easy for kids (really!).

9 Ways to Maximize Family Time

Can't find enough time to spend together? These simple and effective tips will help decrease busy schedules and increase quality family time.

Movie Quotes That Totally Nail Parenthood

And the award for movies that best nail the realities of parenthood goes to... these flicks that remind us the struggle is real and often funny. Now grab some popcorn (and maybe even some wine) and see which movie quote matches your current parenting mindset.

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