We're a Match! 3 Families Share Their Adoption Stories

A Family Adopts a Second Daughter

Bill and Tracy McQuaid, of Huntington Beach, California, always knew they'd adopt. She'd had ten surgeries for endometriosis and ultimately a hysterectomy, so when it was time to start their family, they pursued an open adoption. They came to know the birth mom of their daughter Allyson, now 6 1/2, well during her pregnancy. They expected that their second adoption, coordinated this time by the Independent Adoption Center, would follow a similar arc. But when plans to adopt from a birth mom in Colorado fell through, they were placed on the agency's "last-minute hospital placement list," meant for women who opt for adoption at birth.

They got the call one morning that Jennifer Penrose, a 19-year-old who had hidden her pregnancy from her family, had just given birth. She had picked them out of a book of prospective parents. "I liked that the McQuaids loved to camp," she says. "I went camping when I was growing up. I wanted my child to have that too." She liked that Tracy was a nurse and that Bill was a fireman. They were young and lived nearby. She also liked that they already had an adopted daughter.

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