We're a Match! 3 Families Share Their Adoption Stories

Keeping in Touch

Eight-pound Greyson Jeffrey was born on May 26, 2009.

The Zumdahls stayed with Kolene for three days, until the hospital released her. They took the baby to their hotel after that and stayed in town until they knew Kolene was on the mend. That week, Kolene came every day to their hotel room to hold the baby. "It was sad but happy," she says. "Seeing him with his parents just proved to me that it was the right decision for him."

In the months since the adoption, Kolene and the Zumdahls have kept in near constant touch, via text, email, Facebook, and the occasional phone call. "It's exactly what Greg and I wanted," Whittney says. "We view Kolene not only as the birth mom but as a new member of our family." They want to bring her out to Illinois again for a visit with everyone in October.

"I hope I can," Kolene says, "but I have to get the time off from work." Friends tell her that baby Greyson looks like her, she says. She doesn't see it. Mostly, when she looks at his photos, what she feels is warmth and gratitude--and no regrets.

"I feel like he's family," Kolene says. "I know that he's my son, but I think more about how they're his parents and they're raising him. He's a lucky boy."

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