We're a Match! 3 Families Share Their Adoption Stories

Getting through the Tough Times

"It was a trying time," Rodney says. "And then Katy and her mother showed up with chicken noodle soup--that's when I knew we were all family."

At that meeting, Monica handed Katy the baby, whom they'd named Grantland, a family name. "They were so comfortable letting me hold him," says Katy. "And I never felt like, I want this child. He was never mine to keep."

In the six years since his birth, emails, texts, phone calls, birthday cards, and gifts have made Katy a regular presence in the Rogers' lives. She keeps a Facebook page with pictures and videos of her birth son and his family.

Now 25, married, and working toward a teaching degree, she's been to visit the family twice since his birth. When she visits, Grantland calls her Katy. "Or Miss Katy, like a Southern gentleman," she laughs. When Grantland took his first steps, Katy was the first person the Rogers called. They recently sent her a video of a school project on "Where I come from." In it, Grantland tells the class that his mommy's stomach was broken, so his parents flew to California to get him out of Katy's stomach.

It was the class favorite.

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