Adopting Older Children

Special Support

The children's health needs are completely covered by the state, as is counseling. And we receive a monthly check to help cover the costs of room and board -- a far cry from covering all the costs of GameBoys and karate lessons, but a help nonetheless. Once our adoption is final, state financial support will decrease, but not disappear. In Louisiana, full medical coverage continues, as does room and board payment, though at a reduced rate.

Derek and Arielle now have a home. As I hold my children's small hands in mine and breathe in their smell of strawberry shampoo and Sweet Tarts, I know I have the babies I was meant to have. And so, as the adoption moves forward, we wait for a judge to say what we already know: We are a family.

Kate Robertson is a freelance writer. Since writing this article, she and Kevin have adopted Derek and Arielle, as well as a baby girl, Courtney. They recently moved to Texas, to a new home with more bedrooms to fill.

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