Birth to 5: Growth, Development, and Adoption

A Parent's Role for Any Age

Becoming aware of typical developmental milestones is a start for how parents can maximize their children's potential for success throughout life. Knowing when to be concerned about their development and how to look for outside services helps too. Be open to early evaluation and intervention. It does get harder at the 3-to-5 age level to access services. Call SPARK if you have any questions about evaluation.

A parent's role doesn't have to be overwhelming: You are a supporter, comforter, holder, and information provider. Begin telling your children their adoption story in a meaningful way from the time they come home. The details and style can grow along with their interest and emotional maturity. Tune into where they are developmentally; watch how they play out their stories. Be there for them. You are their most precious and wonderful toy.

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Joan Radigan, MS, SAS, Significant Steps Child Development Center


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