Birth to 5: Growth, Development, and Adoption

2 to 3 Years

Simple sentence structures expand now, enabling a child to tell you things: "Me want juice." Parallel play progresses to engaged play with other children. Vocabulary expands from a constant "No!" into an occasional "yes." As a 3-year-old understands more about how the body works, toilet training can begin. Imitating what Mommy does or pretending to be Daddy (or a lion or mouse) hold great appeal for this age. Your used-to-be baby now becomes a big girl or boy, taking a bath alone, getting dressed unaided. Still, your child will struggle between wanting to snuggle on Mommy's lap and exercising this newfound self-reliance.

Two-year-olds are intense little human beings, coming strongly into their own personality. If adoption happens around this age, they experience similar changes as the baby and toddler do, but more intensely. Clingy behaviors and/or pronounced withdrawal could characterize adjustment at this stage.

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