What to Pack for Overseas Adoption Travel

For Your Baby

____ Lightweight front pack or baby carrier

____ Baby bottles and nipples

____ Powdered formula

____ 2 plastic bibs

____ Burp cloths (you can use cloth diapers or small towels)

____ Disposable diapers and baby wipes

____ Diaper bag and portable changing pad

____ Resealable plastic bags (to hold wipes when traveling)

____ Small plastic garbage bags (for dirty diapers or dirty clothes)

____ 8 to 10 seasonal outfits that can be washed easily

____ Snowsuit or winter jacket and mittens (if traveling in cold weather)

____ 2 to 4 pairs of pajamas

____ 1 or 2 sun hats or winter hats

____ 6 pairs of socks or baby booties

____ 2 to 3 baby blankets

____ 1 bottle baby shampoo

____ 1 bottle baby lotion

____ 1 small container cornstarch baby powder

____ 1 tube diaper rash cream

____ Baby hairbrush

____ Baby nail clipper/file

____ Liquid baby acetaminophen

____ Liquid baby decongestant

____ Rehydration liquid (for bad cases of diarrhea)

____ Dosage spoon or dropper (for giving medicine)

____ 1% hydrocortisone cream (for itching and rashes)

____ Antigas drops (helpful if you're changing your baby's diet)

____ General antibiotic (if your doctor will prescribe one)

____ Ear and/or rectal baby thermometer

____ Rattle

____ Teething ring

____ Small stuffed animal, stacking cups, or other small toy


____ Baby rice cereal (for babies over 6 months of age)

____ Cheerios, packed in resealable bags (for older babies)

____ Pacifiers

____ Small plastic bowl and baby spoon

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