What to Pack for Overseas Adoption Travel

What should you bring when you go abroad to bring home your newest family member? Everything but the kitchen sink!

Pack Lightly

If there's one piece of advice any seasoned traveler will give you, it's this: Pack lightly. And if you're planning to travel abroad to adopt a baby, you'll want to heed this advice even more. For one thing, your adoption journey may take you through crowded airports in a developing country, where luggage carts aren't always easy to find. (In other words, you may end up carrying or rolling all of your luggage.) And once you adopt your baby, you'll be transporting your little one -- and all of his belongings as well.

Before you travel to adopt, talk to other adoptive parents who've recently been to the city or region you're going to. Ask them what you should buy in advance and what you can purchase there. (For instance, are diapers and formula easily accessible in the host country, or will you need to pack a full trip's supply in your bag?) Also, ask what the weather will be like, what types of clothing are appropriate, and what sorts of goods and services you can expect to find. You can also consult this packing list, which contains a number of essential items for a baby and parents on the go.

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