How to Adopt Internationally

Documents to Assemble

You'll need to compile a variety of documents for the home study and the document dossier for the foreign court. The required documents usually include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Birth certificates of both prospective adoptive parents
  • Marriage license, and, if applicable, divorce decrees or death certificates from previous marriages
  • A letter from a physician confirming the prospective parents' good health
  • Financial statements, including tax returns, statements of assets and liabilities, and letters from your bank describing your accounts
  • Letters from your employer(s) confirming position, salary, and length of employment
  • Letters of recommendation from friends and associates
  • Police records
  • Child abuse clearance
  • Psychological evaluations

Most agencies ask that you have these documents signed and notarized and provide multiple copies. In addition, some countries will require authenticated translations of the documents.

Source: National Adoption Information Clearinghouse

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