Considering adoption? Here's everything you need to know about adopting a child from domestic to international adoptions, from open adoptions to closed, and so much more. Learn about the process, cost, and expectations.

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    Love Times Six: Meet the Foster Mom Who Adopted a Half-Dozen Sisters

    As we celebrate National Foster Care Month in May, grab some tissues and read the story of Lacey Dunkin, who adopted six (six!) sisters.

    Quiz: Is Adoption Right for You?

    Have you been thinking about forming a family through adoption? Take our quiz and find out if adoption might suit you.

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    Can a Single Person Adopt?

    Overcome the obstacles of single-parent adoption.

    Adoptive Parents' Shopping List

    The must-haves for your family's new arrival.

    When Should We Tell Our Child That He Was Adopted?

    Find the right time to discuss this sensitive subject.

    Adopting Older Children

    At first, we envisioned welcoming a baby into our home. But we soon discovered that adopting older children was right for us.

    8 Things You Should Know About Adoption

    A few things you should consider before you adopt.

    Starting the Adoption Process

    Parents who've already welcomed children into their homes are eager to debunk the many myths that surround adoption. Our guide will set the record straight and start you on your way.

    Celebrity Moms Who Adopted

    Serial adopter Angelina Jolie may get most of the press, but she's far from being the only celeb to become a mama through adoption. A slew of stars we love have done the same. Check out our list of fabulous adoptive moms -- and meet their lucky kids.

    Adoption Diaries: Stories of Domestic, International, and Foster Care Adoptions

    Adopting a child is such a powerful, emotional experience that it's hard for parents to put it into words. But we got four families -- who adopted in different ways -- to tell us what it's like.

    Meet the Parents Who Adopted 4 Kids in Just 24 Hours

    This is an adoption story you won't soon forget.

    Adopting a Child with Spina Bifida

    Adopting a special needs child can bring challenges to a family but also plenty of joy. One mother describes the emotional journey of adopting her daughter with Spina Bifida from China.

    Things NOT to Say to an Adoptive Parent

    Learn what not to say to parents of adopted children--and why you shouldn't say it--with this adoption etiquette primer.

    Level of Involvement for Birth Parents

    Here's what you need to know about the involvement of birth parents after your adoption is complete.

    When One Child Is Adopted and the Other Isn't

    These 4 must-know tips will help your family mesh no matter what your circumstances.

    Adopting a Child of a Different Race

    Things to consider before beginning your interracial family.

    Adoption FAQs

    Get the answers to common questions about adoption.

    One Mom's Story of Open Adoption

    "In some ways, the process of open adoption was incredibly simple. In other, it was far more complicated than we ever imagined."

    Agency vs. Independent Adoption

    Find the method of adoption that best suits your needs.

    Children's Books About Adoption

    Helpful books to read to your adopted child.

    Reactive Attachment Disorder and Adoption

    How to know if your adopted child is still transitioning into your home or suffering from a more serious disorder.

    Talking with Kids About Adoption

    What your kids want to know about their adoption, and how to talk about it.

    Adopting from Russia: One Family's Story

    One thing led to another, and we became -- unexpectedly -- twice-blessed.

    Adoption Story From a Young and Fertile Couple

    When this 20-something, fertile couple decided to adopt a child, they shocked family and friends -- and so did their daughter's birth mom.

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