Common Adoption Fears

What if the birth parents change their mind?

If you've been chosen by a birth mother to adopt the baby she's expecting, you may worry that she'll have a change of heart. While this isn't common, it can happen. The best way to avoid heartbreak is to work with a reputable adoption agency and encourage the birth parents to take advantage of pre-adoption counseling. "You want them to have really considered the decision," Miller says. If they're exploring their feelings and given the opportunity to express them, there's a smaller chance of surprises later.

Another advantage of pre-adoption counseling is that you'll have the resources you need at the ready if the birth mother does choose a different path.

How do I find the right professional if I need help

If you decide that anyone in your family needs help coping with fears or other emotions about the adoption, contact your adoption agency, which should have counselors on staff and, if necessary, can recommend additional professionals -- such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, or social worker -- who are experienced in adoption issues.

Check out this Child Welfare fact sheet for more info on finding the professional who is right for you.

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