Monitoring What Kids Eat at School

Cupcake Crusade

Here are some easy ways parents can push to limit their kids' exposure to junk food at school.

  • Advocate for more nutritious vending-machine choices. Some schools encourage healthy eating by charging less for snacks like pretzels and juice and more for soda and chips.
  • Push for nonfood fund-raisers. Candy sales can bring in big bucks, but so can selling items like candles, gift wrap, or school-spirit tattoos.
  • Identify teachers who use candy as an incentive or a reward. Talk to them about other ways to honor a student or class.
  • Mobilize other parents. Raise the issue at a parent meeting or on the playground to see whether others share your concerns. If they do, talk about what needs to be done and present ideas as a group to school administrators.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper voicing your concerns. It's a great way to raise public awareness about the issue.

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