The HPV Vaccine: Health 101

Who shouldn't get the HPV vaccine?

First, this vaccine is designed for girls and women only. Researchers are currently studying whether the vaccine might help prevent HPV infection in boys and men. If this vaccine is effective in men it could protect them from having genital warts and rare cancers as well as help curb the spread of the virus to women.

This vaccine isn't recommended for all girls and women. People who fall into the following categories should not receive it or wait to receive it:

  • Anyone who's had a serious allergic reaction to yeast (there's a small amount in this vaccine) or a previous dose of the HPV vaccine
  • Anyone who are moderately or severely ill (more than just a cold, for example) should wait to get vaccinated
  • Anyone with bleeding or blood-clotting disorders like hemophilia

Talk to your doctor if you're concerned about whether or not the HPV vaccine is safe for your child.

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