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Web site: http://www.scarleteen.com

A sounding board for young adults embracing their sexuality, Scarleteen contains articles on menstruation, self exams, contraception, relationships (gay and straight) and anatomy. Calling itself "Sex Education for the Real World," Scarleteen invites teens to "Ask a Sexpert" their most embarrassing questions or talk on chat boards about topics such as "Sexual Ethics and Politics" and "Body & Soul." The language on this site is frank and casual, which many teens may find they can relate to.

What Parents Like: "Am I Ready for Sex?" checklist.

What Teens Like: A very fresh, honest approach to what's happening to their bodies during puberty, and very candid posting boards where they can connect with other teens.

Love Matters

Web site: http://www.lovematters.com

The online home of the newspaper of the same name, Love Matters is a faith-based organization with the mission to "educate, inspire, and encourage youth to save sex for marriage and choose life rather than abortion." Visitors can read celebrity accounts of saving sex for marriage and their views on abortion, plus order pro-life and chastity-related books, videos, and other merchandise.

What Parents Like: A conservative look at modern topics such as coed dorm rooms, pornography, and the decline of "courtship" in America.

What Teens Like: Dr. Laura's "Is It Love?" test, which encourages them to consider their partners' aspirations for and motives behind the relationship.

True Love Waits is an affiliated nationwide school initiative that encourages teens and college students to take a pledge of abstinence before marriage.

Sex, Etc.

Web site: http://www.sexetc.org/

Sex, Etc. is a major collection of articles by and for teens on topics ranging from deciding whether to have sex to teen parenting to body image to abortion. (The Web site and accompanying print newsletter are the products of the National Teen-to-Teen Sexuality Education Project, which was developed by the Network for Family Life Education at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.) Polls, chat boards, and a sex glossary make this a candid place for teens to talk with other teens about sex and sexuality issues.

What Parents Like: Consistent monitoring by the Network for Family Life Education, and periodic studies regarding the success of Sex, Etc.

What Teens Like: Interested teens -- especially those with strong opinions on sexuality -- are invited to apply for staff writer positions for this digital magazine.

Coalition for Positive Sexuality

Web site: http://www.positive.org

This is the teen-focused Web site of the Coalition for Positive Sexuality, a nonprofit organization that encourages teens to demand honest sex education from their parents and educators. The group's "Just Say Yes" campaign encourages teens to look at sex as a positive experience when done responsibly. It also offers fact sheets on topics such as "What's Safe Sex," "What's Birth Control," and "What If I'm Gay?"

What Parents Like: The "Just Say Yes" campaign translated in Spanish.

What Teens Like: A very inclusive approach to discussing sexuality. Much of the site discusses respecting different attitudes toward straight, gay, and bisexual teens and adults.

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