Teen Sex: Online Resources

Teens may be tight-lipped when it comes to sex, especially when approached by their parents. Suggest your child check out these online resources as a way to springboard into important conversations.

Learning on Their Own?

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"She knows it all," you think. "She's heard it before."

When it comes to talking to kids about sex, parents simply can't provide too many resources. And since teens today are famously Web-savvy, sharing these sexual health Web sites with them is a nonthreatening way to let them safely explore sex stats and articles on their own.

Safe Exploration

But why should teens read about sex topics by themselves? "With the media portraying sexuality more and more, with teens at younger ages having sex, and with all of the sexual 'trends' being explored, teens need viable information," says Susan Falcone, National Board Certified teacher and Family Studies department chair at Loch Raven High School in Baltimore, Maryland.

Falcone says that the "garden of misinformation" (i.e., "I heard that that...") is still the only source for many teens.

"I've been teaching sex education for 37 years and I have seen only a modicum of progress in their knowledge, while their experiences have widened well beyond their parents'. They are still embarrassed to talk about sex with their parents and parents are still embarrassed to approach the topic with their teens," Falcone says. "More and more, schools are being restricted as to what is deemed 'appropriate' to discuss in sex education classes."

Many of the following sites are sex-positive -- they don't promote abstinence as the only option for teens, but rather discuss how to make responsible choices regarding sex. Visiting these sites in order to approve their content before sharing them with your child is highly recommended.

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