Teens come with a whole new set of parenting concerns. Here's everything you need to know about first dates, first jobs, mood swings, body image, and so much more. Plus: How to protect your teen from violence.

This is Why #GiveElsaAGirlfriend Is a Thing

Twitter users are asking Disney to give Queen Elsa a girlfriend in 'Frozen 2.'

How to Talk to Your Child About Losing Weight

Does your child need to lose weight? We'll help you talk about it without hurting her feelings.

Help Kids Lose Weight

The key to shedding pounds is choosing foods that fight hunger.

Teaching Kids About Money: An Age-by-Age Guide

Age-by-age activities for teaching your child about money.

Money Milestones for Kids: An Age-by-Age Guide

When and how do you teach kids about money? Check out this timeline that starts during preschool and ends during high school.

What's an Appropriate Curfew for High Schoolers?

Jan Faull, MEd, on deciding on a high school curfew for teens.

Teen Sex: Online Resources

Teens may be tight-lipped when it comes to sex, especially when approached by their parents. Suggest your child check out these online resources as a way to springboard into important conversations.

Should Parents Use Cell Phones to Monitor Teens?

Jan Faull, MEd, on parents' use of technology to keep tabs on their tweens and teens.

"Is There a Gun in the House?"

It's a question that a lot of parents are reluctant to ask. Our advice: Get over it and find out.

"Is It Appropriate for My Daughter to Go to Prom with a Senior?"

Expert advice on how to make the best parenting decision for your daughter, who desires to attend prom with a senior student.

Violent Video Games, TV, and Movies

Vice President Joe Biden calls for the legal barriers to be lifted so that more research can be done on the effects of video games, TV, and movies in spurring gun violence.

The Dangers of Guns

In our town, guns never appeared to be an issue -- until my daughter's fourth-grade classmate was shot.

Parents Worry More About Sex Than Violence in Movies

A new study shows parents are more worried about kids being exposed to sex scenes than graphic violence in movies.

Why Helicopter Parenting Is Bad for Your Teen's Health

Parents of teens who struggle letting go of the reins may have a negative impact on their child's health, a new national poll suggests.

Monitoring What Kids Eat at School

From doughnuts at class parties to pizza in the cafeteria, the food your child gets at school can be seriously unhealthy. But whose job is it to monitor what kids eat?

Should I Give My Kids an Allowance for Doing Chores?

Parenting Expert Jan Faull, MEd, suggests an approach to helping around the house and teaching kids how to manage money.

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