Expert Q&A on Child Modeling

The Fine Points

Q. Who or where should I contact if our child is under the age of 3 (1 year of age)? Can you refer me to a company? We are located in Connecticut, 30 minutes from Manhattan. Thanks! -- Melissa O.

A. Each agency has their own requirements in regards to the age range. Wilhelmina accepts children starting at 2 weeks. If you are interested in learning more about submitting photos of your child, go to our site at and follow the instructions.

Q. My son has done some modeling, but after a little while the calls from the agency stopped. How do I keep the agency interested in my son?

A. If you have not heard from the agency lately, simply call and ask them why you have not heard from them. Clothing sizes 3T, 5, and 10 are sample size and when your child is not "in-size" they get fewer calls. Maybe his teeth haven't come in straight or you need new pictures. There are lots of possible reasons -- call and find out.

Q. What is the typically percentage an agency takes for commission?

A. A 20 percent model agency's fee is what Wilhelmina Kids charges. Some may charge more and some may charge less.

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