Expert Q&A on Child Modeling

Prep Work

Q. I know you said it is fine to send snapshots to an agency, but what exactly are they looking for in the pictures? Should they be close-ups, full body shots, or both? Should my child be laughing and playing or sitting quietly? Would a silly outfit help or hurt?

A. A variety of snapshots is always a good idea because that way you give the agency a chance to see different aspects of your child. The outfit and the background are not important -- it is always about the child.

Q. It's obvious we parents are all partial to our beautiful children. We too hear many of the same things from strangers and family members telling us our kids should be involved in some form of modeling and acting. What would make my children stand out over all the hundreds of other children's applications and snapshots? Is there a different look that photographers prefer and is it constantly changing or does the "look" stay the same? -- Amy G.

A. Everyone asks me about that special look that sets one child apart from another. The simple truth is that it is only the children themselves that have the power to do that. A professional can see right through the hairdos and accessories to the raw beauty of the child. Just make sure your child is well rested and well fed, with clean nails and clean hair. Your child will do the rest.

Q. How should I prepare for going to an agency for the first time?

A. First thing to do when preparing for your first time at an agency is to clue your child in to why they are going to the agency. Make sure they are well rested and well fed, wearing age-appropriate clothing ?- the Gap casual look is always appropriate. Relax and leave the rest to them.

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