Gotta Have It: Fun and Funky Kid-Sized Hairbrushes

Make grooming more fun with a super-cute hairbrush.
Pylones Hairbrush

Courtesy of Pylones

Your daughter's pigtails may look cute, but they don't give any indication of the behind-the-scenes battle it took to get them that way. If your kid could outlaw hair-brushing, she would.

Though we've yet to find a device that has built-in squirm suppressant, we can offer a cool tool that'll make the process a little easier. Pylones, the French purveyors of psychedelic-but-functional doo-dads, carries a line of hairbrushes that might inspire your kid to be a little more enthusiastic about grooming. Each of the collection's bright, super-light brushes is adorned with plastic bristles and a whimsical, fairy tale-on-speed design (and there are some styles that would work for boys too). Plus, they boast some serious celeb-cred: They were featured in a scene in the Sex and the City movie.

Let your kiddo pick out her fave brush, and you may just get hair styling buy-in.

Pylones hairbrushes retail for $18 for small brushes and $20 for large brushes. To order online, go to:

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