Gotta Have It: Graffeeti Sneakers

Got a mini Basquiat on your hands?
Graffeeti Re-Markable Sneakers

As long as pens and school boredom exist, kids will doodle on anything within reach -- hands, textbooks, clothing -- like it or not. Thankfully, one shoe company has been paying attention in class.

Graffeeti sneakers are kicks that can be drawn on -- again and again. Available in low-cut or high-top style, they feature three dry-erasable areas (one on each side, one on the toe) where kids can channel their inner artiste, as well as a holster for one of the six colored pens that come with the shoes. What's even cooler: The pens are specially formulated so that artwork comes off with a simple swipe of the hand and the ink won't stain skin.

The geniuses behind the concept -- civil engineers for the City of Roseville, California, with no background in fashion or children's apparel whatsoever -- came up with the idea from working with dry erase boards, tossing out one too many pairs of their own kids' shoes, and being lifelong shoe doodlers themselves. Another incentive to buy 'em: Graffeeti donates a percentage of its profit to children's charities. If only they had adult versions, we could sure use them during that 3 p.m. accounting meeting...

Graffeeti sneakers are available at and cost $41 for high tops and $39 for low cut.

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