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Expressing his style gets to the very heart of self-esteem. Here's what parents can do to support your kid's style. We've got everything from clothing to hair styles to school supplies.

Could Your Child Be a Model?

Of course your child's cute -- but could he or she be a model? Here's a behind-the-scenes peek at what it really takes to be picture-perfect.

My Baby Is a Model

Modeling sounds glamorous, but posing for the camera is really hard work--for both of us.

Could My Baby Be in Pictures?

Hear from the experts on getting your child into modeling.

Could-Be Cover Models

Meet the Parents Cover Model Search finalists! After weeks poring over hundreds of thousands of photos, Parents magazine judges selected the top 20 cover-worthy kids. All semifinalists were asked for a few more at-home snaps to help narrow the field and then five finalists joined us in New York City for a professional cover photo shoot.

American Baby Magazine Modeling Resources

Want to see your baby in American Baby magazine? Get started with these New York City child modeling agencies.

Expert Q&A on Child Modeling

Marlene Wallach -- author of the "Just Ask Marlene" series, starting with The Inside Story About Modeling for Kids, Teens & Their Parents: Everything You Need to Know for a Successful Start in Modeling -- answers your questions about turning your little cutie into a model.

Gotta Have It: Best Products for Kids

Here, find the perfect present for the cool kid in your life.

The Model Child: A Look into Child Modeling

What it's really like to be in the baby modeling business -- and how to enter your kid in our cover model contest.

This Preteen Beauty Vlogger Is a Viral Inspiration

Preteen vlogger Nikki Christou inspires millions with her YouTube videos and confidence despite her facial malformation.

Back to School: Fashion for Girls

Get your daughter ready for school with these great back to school fashions for girls.

Back to School: Save on School Clothes

Shopping for school supplies can be hard on your wallet. Here's how you can save on back to school clothes.

How to Turn Your Child Into a Model

Parents Magazine Cover Contest FAQs

Welcome to the Parents Magazine Cover Contest Frequently Asked Questions. If you don't see your question answered below, please e-mail

Cute Cover Model Kids

Check out a few of the seriously cute kids entered in the Parents Magazine Cover Model Search.

Big Idea: Meet the Creator of Crocs

How "ugly" clogs showed up on kids' feet everywhere.

Two Sweet Hairstyles for Girls

Your little girl can feel pretty, confident, and magical wearing unique versions of the braid and the bun. Follow these step-by-step instructions to transform your child's hair into a heart braid and a ballerina chignon.

12 Spring Dress-Up Outfits for Kids

No need to stress over finding cute fancy kids clothes. From Easter dinner to family weddings, these sharp picks have got your fashion star covered.

Clothing Crafts: Make New Duds from Old Things

6 creative ways to make your kids' clothes last one more season.

Tori Spelling Allows 7-Year-Old Stella to Dye Her Hair: Cute or Crazy?

Is 7 too young for a little girl to bleach her hair?

Wardrobe Wars

What to do when you and your child aren't cut from the same cloth.

Meet the Mom Behind Tommy Hilfiger's New Adaptive Clothes for Kids

Mindy Scheier is on a mission to make the clothing industry more inclusive for those with disabilities.

There Is Nothing Funnier Than A Kid Telling A Joke

In need of a laugh? These adorable kids have a few jokes you won't want to miss!

Back to School: Fashion for Boys

Your boy's style changes with his grade. Here's how to shop the coolest back to school fashions for him.

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