10 New Neighborhood Safety Tips

Tips 6-10

6. Once your children have made new friends in the neighborhood, remind them that they must CHECK FIRST before they go anywhere with their new friends. This includes accepting rides from new neighbors or going into their homes.

7. Remind your children of the safety rules when they are home alone. These include keeping the doors and windows locked; never opening the door for someone they don't know; and CHECKING with you FIRST before they open the door, even if you are there.

8. Caution your children never to give out personal information to someone who calls on the telephone. Instruct your children to tell the caller that you are not available and to take a message.

9. Reassure your children that you are there to help them if they need assistance or just want to talk about this new experience. Let them know that they should TELL a trusted adult if anyone makes them feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused in any way.

10. Remember to practice these safety rules with your children to make certain that they really know and understand them. Make outings around the new neighborhood "teachable moments" and a chance to put their skills to the test.

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