Hidden Outdoor Dangers

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If you cook on the grill, treat it with the same caution as you would a stove. Have your child keep his distance, explaining that a grill is hot and is not to be touched.

In the garage, store lawn chemicals, insecticides, and lighter fluid up high and out of reach. The same rule applies to tools and sharp objects such as nails and screws. If you have an electric garage door opener, keep the controls out of your toddler's reach, and make sure the door has a functioning safety -- stop mechanism to prevent accidents.

Playgrounds are another toddler paradise that, ideally, should offer fun with no threat of injury. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. For 2-year-olds especially, many traditional playgrounds can be downright dangerous-not to mention intimidating. That's because the slides and the jungle gyms tower much too high for this age group, and the swings may not be equipped with safety bars or infant seats to protect small children from spills.

Look for playgrounds designed specifically for toddlers. A lot of towns have them. If your area doesn't, find out whether your local preschool opens its playground to the public at certain times of the day, such as in the early evening during the summertime.

Once you find a playground that fits the bill for you, make sure that sand, wood chips, or soft matting has been placed under equipment such as swings and bars. Concrete or asphalt can be unforgiving in the event of a fall. Then supervise your child carefully. It's a time for him to spread his wings, test his limits, and know that Mommy or Daddy is there to help him through a few inevitable (and, hopefully, minor) tumbles!

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