The Best Online Resources to Stop Cyberbullying

How to Report Cyberbullying

If your child is being cyberbullied, tell him or her not to respond to any of messages, but do not delete them, says Fitzgerald. "Print them out in their entirety, including the email address or online screen name of the bully," she says. "You will need this to prove what is happening or to track down an anonymous, threatening post." has a section called "Report It" that includes a form for parents to report cases of cyberbullying to the offender's ISP, the school, and the police. In addition, provides plenty of info (including an Internet Superheroes' Philosophy) on what to do if you report the behavior.

"When a bully is confronted on his or her actions, 70 percent of the time the bullying will stop," says Lisa Shaw, senior director of child safety at SpectorSoft (, a monitoring software product used to provide evidence for law enforcement for legal action.

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