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Tracking Your Child's Texting Habits

The average age of a child with a cell phone or smart phone is 10?. "And since that is the national average, kids even younger than that are using cell phones," says Stephen Balkam, founder and CEO of the Family Online Safety Institute ( Texting is a big part of cyberbullying because messages and photos can be sent and received quickly by anyone at anytime.

One way to manage your child's texting is through parental controls offered by wireless phone carriers. Both Verizon Wireless ($4.99 per month) and AT&T ($4.99 per month) allow parents to set time limits on texting (the number of texts sent each day and the times they can be sent), and to block certain numbers and locate your child on demand. "AT&T's Smart Limits has become the gold standard for all mobile carriers," explains Balkam. "So no matter what wireless company you use, you should be able to find parental control options to download."'

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