Learn what you can do to recognize bullying and how to prevent it. Our tips and ideas will help you parent through this common problem and let your kid come out on top.

Can Certain Kids Stop Bullying? New Study Says Yes

A new study says "socially influential" kids--those considered "cool" by their peers--have the power to stop bullying in schools.

Bully-Proof Your Child: How to Deal with Bullies

Mean kids aren't just a middle-school problem. The trouble has trickled to the youngest grades. Learn how to spot it -- and how to protect your child.

The 4 Common Types of Bullying

Identify which kind of bullying your child may be experiencing.

Cyberbullying 101: What Is Cyberbullying?

How do you define cyberbullying? An internet safety expert reveals cyberbullying facts and ways to stop cyberbullying.

When Your Kid Is the Bully: What to Do

Here's what to do if your kid turns out to be the bully at school.

Help Kids Deal With Bullying and Stress

Learn how to help your child cope with the effects of bullying.

How to Deal With School Bullies

If your child is being bullied, here's how to help him handle the situation.

It Seems Kids Aren't as Kind as They Used to Be

Bet you can guess who is to blame.

Mean Little Girls: Being Bullied at School

Nothing can prepare you for seeing your 5-year-old become a victim of kid cruelty -- not even your own childhood.

How to Talk to Kids About Bullying

No one wants their kids to be bullied! Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," shares the ways you can help your kids deal with bullies.

18 Tips to Stop Cyberbullying

Parents, children, and school administrators can take steps to prevent cyberbullying before it starts or becomes worse. Here are practical steps to stop cyberbullying.

Back to School: Dealing With Meanness and Bullying

Kids can be bullies. Share these strategies to help your child deal with mean kids.

Expert Advice on Bullying

An expert answers moms' questions about school bullies.

Bullying, A Serious Business

Bullying is increasingly common among children. We look at the types of bullying behavior, and how parents and educators can combat it.

If Your Child Is a Bully

How to get to the root of your child's bullying problem.

Dealing with Bullies

What you should do if you think your child is being bullied.

The Best Online Resources to Stop Cyberbullying

You can't turn off all electronic devices for good, but there is plenty that parents can do to keep kids safe online.

Peer Exclusion May Be as Harmful as Bullying

Children who are excluded by their peers may suffer academically.

Cyberbullying: 6 Tips to Spot It and Stop It

Teen cyberbullying is more common than most of us think. The good news: Parents can combat the negative consequences.

Speaking With the Stars: Grace Kaufman Talks About ADHD and Bullying

Grace Kaufma, star of the new movie SISTER, talks about playing a character with ADHD and how kids can handle bullying.