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Traffic-Light Sandwich

This tri-colored sandwich is guaranteed to stop traffic in the cafeteria.

Prep time: 5 minutes.
Yield: 1 sandwich.

2 slices whole wheat or white bread
Mayonnaise or mustard
2 to 3 slices turkey, ham, or favorite luncheon meat
1 slice American cheese
1/4" piece of green bell pepper
1 cherry tomato, halved

  1. Stack bread slices and cut in half. Remove top slices and make 3 vertical holes in each one using a 3/4" round cutter. Spread bottom halves with mayonnaise or mustard; top with a folded slice of turkey. Place cutout bread slices over turkey.
  2. With same cutter, cut out two cheese circles and two bell-pepper circles; tuck these along with tomat halves into bread holes, pushing down to keep in place.

Nutrition per serving: 244 cal.; 12 g pro.; 12 g fat; 22 g carb.; 847 mg sod.; 29 mg chol.

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