Fit for a Kid

Puzzle Sandwich

Since kids love to play with their food, have your child fit the pieces together before he eats.

Prep time: 5 minutes.
Yield: 1 sandwich.

1 slice whole-wheat bread
1 slice white bread
Soft filling for 1 sandwich (e.g., tuna or egg salad, peanut butter, or cream cheese and jelly)

  1. Stack bread slices. With small sharp serrated knife, cut 2 interlocking shapes vertically through both bread slices. Reverse position of bread on one side, creating a two-tone pattern.
  2. Remove top-bread pieces, carefully spread bottoms with filling. Replace top halves. Pack puzzle pieces in a small plastic sandwich bag.

Nutrition per sandwich: 232 cal.; 13 g pro.; 7 g fat; 30 g carb.; 490 mg sod.; 7 mg chol.

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