Chocolate Tales and Truths

We separate food fact from fiction when it comes to myths about chocolate's harmful effects.
Chocolate Fairy Tales

There's only one thing children love more than another bedtime story: chocolate. Luckily, when you separate the facts from the fiction, chocolate has a happy ending, too. Nutrition expert Liz Applegate, Ph.D., busts common chocolate myths.

Fairy Tale:

Chocolate is loaded with fat that is unhealthy for the heart.

True Story:

Chocolate's fat (stearic acid) does not raise bad cholesterol levels.

Fairy Tale:

Chocolate makes kids hyper.

True Story:

A government panel found that chocolate doesn't have that effect.

Fairy Tale:

Chocolate isn't nutritious.

True Story:

Per ounce, milk chocolate packs four times the amount of heart-healthy antioxidants as strawberries. Dark chocolate boasts even more. Still, Dr. Applegate advises keeping your little chocolate lover's intake between a half ounce and one ounce a few times a week to avoid overdoing it on calories.

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