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Picking Produce for Picky Eaters

In 1993, Colleen Doyle, R.D., national director of nutrition and physical activity for the American Cancer Society in Atlanta, began studying a problem faced by almost every parent -- how to get kids to eat more produce. Now she uses her findings with her sons, Patrick, 6, and Jackson, 2.

"Jackson eats everything, but Patrick is picky," she says. Among the ways she gets Patrick to eat five servings of produce a day: taking him to the supermarket to choose his own apples and smell the cantaloupe and letting him help out in the kitchen by tearing lettuce. On the weekends, Doyle makes a face on a plate with Roma tomato slices for eyes, noodles for hair, lettuce for a beard, sliced carrots for eyes, string cheese for a nose, and a pepper strip for a mouth. "Okay, so all Patrick did was lick the red pepper strip," admits Doyle. "But it's a start."

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