Making Healthier Meal Choices

Top nutrition experts tell how they coax their kids to swap junk for healthy fare.


Child eating salad

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In their offices at universities across the country, the nation's best nutrition researchers spend months conducting the experiments and tabulating the data that you hear summarized in 15 seconds on the evening news: How much stronger will an extra glass of milk a day make a child's bones? Does fish boost brainpower in babies? What are the health benefits of whole grains? But their real challenge doesn't begin until they go home. Just like your kids, many of their sons and daughters prefer soda to milk, white bread to whole wheat, and potato chips to carrot sticks. The researchers' one advantage: As part of their job, they can come up with clever ways to help kids (including their own) make healthier choices. From a surefire strategy to slip whole grains into your child's breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the fish almost every kid will love, four leading nutrition experts share the secrets of their successful homework. Take notes!

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