The Healthy Grocery Cart Checklist

Grocery shopping is a cinch with this shopping list of healthy and nutritious foods, including snacks for kids.

When it comes to grocery shopping for kids, making healthy choices for food they'll actually eat can be difficult. But early training in making healthy choices is important. Keep the cupboards stocked with a variety of foods, and you and your little ones can be satisfied when it's time for a meal or a snack. Print out our Healthy Grocery Cart checklist using the "Print" function on your Web browser, and take it to the store with you the next time you shop!

____ Bagels

____ Baked tortilla chips

____ Dried fruit

____ Fresh fruit

____ High-fiber, unsweetened cereals

____ Hummus (chickpea spread) or eggplant dip

____ Low-fat bean dip

____ Low-fat cottage cheese

____ Low-fat granola bars

____ Low-fat lunch meats

____ Low-fat microwave popcorn

____ Low-fat pudding

____ Low-fat yogurt

____ Nuts

____ One percent or skim milk

____ Peanut butter

____ Pita bread

____ Reduced-fat cheese

____ Rice cakes

____ Salsa

____ Soy-based snacks such as soy nuts

____ Varieties of tofu

____ Whole-grain crackers

____ Whole-wheat bread

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