Loose Baby Tooth? Top Advice from Dentists

Is it scary for kids?

"Many are nervous that it will hurt or that they won't be able to eat," says Grace Yum, D.D.S., a pediatric dentist at Children's Memorial Hospital, in Chicago. Reassure your child that it might tingle a bit, but if she's in pain, you can always put a cream (an over-the-counter topical anesthetic like Orajel) on her gums.

Do the front teeth usually fall out first?
Most kids lose their bottom front teeth first, followed by the top ones, says Dr. Berlocher. If a top tooth or a back tooth is loose or falls out first, check with your child's dentist.

Is it okay to yank a very loose tooth?
It's better to let it come out on its own. Removing it early can be painful and may cause a gum infection. "Most kids are fascinated with wiggling a loose tooth and that's okay, but be certain her hands are clean," says Dr. Yum.

Is it dangerous to swallow a tooth?
Nope. It passes through the body, says Dr. Yum. Reassure your kid the Tooth Fairy will come if he leaves a note.

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