Easy Tips for Cutting Kid's Hair

Have a Game Plan

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"Parents need to know what it is they want to do and think it through before getting started," says Friedman. Ask yourself, How do I want the hair to look afterward? How much length do I want to take off? If you want to remove an inch, cut ½ inch instead. "Start with less and work up to where you want the hair to be," recommends Galasso.

Talk About Tools

"Many kids have difficulty with haircuts because of sensitivity to itchiness, vibration, and being wet," says Friedman. Explain each tool's job, then give them fun nicknames -- like Mr. Rain for the spray bottle and Mr. Tickle for the clipper -- to keep kids relaxed.

Stylist's Tip

"Cut hair when it's freshly washed so any cowlicks aren't as springy," says Galasso. If you're not able to shampoo and condition before you cut, spray your kid's hair with warm water until it's completely saturated.

Originally published in the September 2010 issue of Parents magazine.

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