Mental Health

It's important to get kids with mental health problems the help that they need. Learn about anxiety disorders, ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, and more.

Why and How to Teach Your Kids Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness can help kids learn to focus, manage stress, regulate emotions, and develop a positive outlook. Here's how to teach them the skill.

Back to School: How to Help Kids Who Cry Easily

If you have a sensitive child, help curb the tears with these coping strategies.

Is My Child Depressed?

If your child seems sadder than usual, learn how to spot the signs of childhood depression and get the proper treatment.

Special Needs: Should You Worry About Your Child?

One in four moms of typically developing kids wonder whether their child needs to be evaluated because of a potential developmental disorder, our survey revealed. If you're one of them, ask yourself these questions.

Is My Child Suicidal?

Worried that your preteen may be suicidal? Learn how to spot the warning signs of suicide to get your child needed help.

Navigating the Children's Special Needs System

As a parent of a child with speech and social-emotional delays who's been through the process of early intervention, I can tell you firsthand that finding help doesn't have to be overwhelming or scary. There's plenty of support for your child -- and for you, too.

Back to School: Handling Worries

Heading back to school? Follow these four tips to help your child cope with school anxiety.