Raise a Reader: Frequently Asked Questions


Who should log a student's reading minutes?

Ideally, parents/guardians at least 21 years of age should log their children's reading minutes. Minutes can be updated at parents.com/reading.

How many reading minutes a day can be logged for the contest?

Reading to be logged is limited to 100 minutes per day maximum per student and is to be applied only to reading done at home/outside the normal class curriculum. Minutes read during school, as part of school lessons, or for homework do not count. You can enter more than 100 minutes of reading time per day per student in the reading tool, but only 100 of those minutes will count toward the contest.

Do I need to log in every day?

No, you do not have to log in each day to enter time in the reading log. You can always log minutes in the past (for example, you can log in on Friday and put in minutes for Thursday).

Can students log minutes themselves?

Yes, students may log minutes themselves, but they must first be enrolled in the program by parents/guardians at least 21 years of age.

I'm a teacher. Can I log minutes for my students?

If the students' parents or guardians are OK with having you regulate this, it is fine with us. You must create an individual account at parents.com/reading to log in a student's minutes. Each student's minutes must be logged separately, so if you're logging minutes for more than one student, you will need to create individual accounts for each one. For each account, you will need to know each student's full name and birthday. Please keep track of all log-in and password information.

I entered my school. Can I see who is registered and track individual students' minutes?

No, currently school contacts are not able to see which individual students have enrolled or to track how many minutes an individual student enters. You can only view and track the total minutes entered on behalf of a school.

Do reading minutes at school count?

No, student reading time in the classroom cannot count in this contest. Only after school and recreational reading qualifies. All other reading, such as for homework and/or as part of a homeschool curriculum will not be accepted.

Does time I read to my kids count?

Yes, it does. We encourage all types of after school and recreational reading.

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